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double tone reversible satin elastic bonnet

double tone reversible satin elastic bonnet

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If you’re looking for an easy, fuss-free way to achieve your dream hair goals – we're talking length, strength and shine – then look no further. We break down seven reasons why you should invest in a hair bonnet and, of course, supply you with the best.

It Prevents Tangling

Tossing and turning equals tangling, and tangling equals split ends and breakage - a combo we definitely do not want. Wearing a hair bonnet to bed is the quickest and easiest way to avoid any knots and tangles from forming. All you have to do is tuck away hair and look forward to a much more manageable mane in the morning.

It Minimizes Frizz

Do you ever wake up with a frizz-ball for a hairdo? That’ll be the friction from your pillowcases. Hair bonnets are the perfect way to stop strands from rubbing on your pillowcases. They reduce the amount of frizz you wake up with, as well as prevent knots, thinning and breakage.

It Helps To Keep Hair Hydrated

Whilst those high thread count cotton sheets promise a good night’s sleep, they also promise to absorb all the moisture from your hair. Hair bonnets ensure that your hair stays hydrated, and that your conditioning products aren’t soaked up by your pillowcase.

It Protects Hair Styles

Not everyone has time to style their hair in the morning. Hair bonnets, especially satin hair bonnets, keep curls and braided styles fresh and vibrant while you catch those all-important zzz’s, allowing you to wake up with a hairstyle that’s ready-to-go.

It Makes Your Hair Products Work Harder

When you apply your favorite hair oils, serums and leave-in conditioners at night, there’s more chance that they’re going to be soaked up by your pillowcase rather than your hair. With help from a hair bonnet, you can go to sleep rest assured that any products that you use on your hair before bed are working overtime to smooth, condition and nourish locks.

It Can Help Improve The Appearance Of Skin

You’re probably wondering how a bonnet cap can help with the appearance of your skin but think about it! All of your hair’s natural oils, as well as styling products infused with chemicals are deposited onto the surface of your pillowcase, which are then transferred onto your skin. It’s a recipe for breakouts, clogged pores and skin irritation. Hair bonnets are a great way to ensure that your pillows are kept clean and your skin is kept clear.

They Are Cost Effective

Satin silk bonnets are completely affordable and give you so much more bang for your buck. As bonnets make your hair much healthier and more manageable, you’ll find that there’s less need for lots of styling products